Salsa Timberjack SLX 27.5 Mountain Bike Review

A good mountain bike is really hard to find. Although one has to admit, there is a good selection suitable for every specific need for individual riders, there are still some bikes that manage to blow the minds of both regular enjoyers and dedicated aficionados such as Salsa Timberjack SLX 27.5 Mountain Bike.

One of those bikes is the Salsa Timberjack SLX 27.5 Mountain Bike, proving that old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but still nailing it in making a perfect concoction of the familiar feel and new innovation that one could only recognize through riding it on mountain trails. Is this the right bike for you, you may wonder? Continue reading the review and find out!

What Are the New Additions?

The previous Salsa Timberjack models have been knownfor the great combination of component selection, hardtail design, and competitive price, and it is considered by some bike enthusiasts as the flagship model and a prototype for a good bike that is a good entry point to the sport.

The 2020 model can be considered their best one, the next models do improve on the geometry of the bike itself, among other things.

The new Salsa Timberjack SLX 27.5 Mountain Bikes geometry has a longer tube and wheelbase as its crown jewel, in addition to a steeper seat tube, thus improving the rider’s posture in off-roading, improving both stability and fatigue. What has been noticed by some is that the longer forks avoid the steep feeling by compressing during the ride, thanks to the upgraded degree of the head tube angle.

The chainstay and standover height are shorter than previous models, however, it improves a lot in the separation of body and bike section, with the plethora of other, smaller frame tweaks, such as a three-packed mount for the downtube.

Another smaller addition is the revised and much smoother cable routing that snaps to the tube from the rear brake spot and enters the frame near the bracket at the bottom.

How Does the Bike Feel?

To be as concise as possible, the bike feels great, though it requires a bit of getting used to, especially if a biker is used to previous Timberjack models.


As previously said, the main new addition, when compared to the previous models, is the new geometry of the bike, which feels otherworldly if you are used to the geometry of old bikes.

During rides, one can notice the slacker angles and lower stack height, as the downhill rides are more controllable, although faster.


The control is maintained on high levels even on different surfaces, which is commendable, without the feeling of heaviness or a sense of disarray. The steeper angles put the body at an appropriate position that favors speed but at the same time, it is not a speed at which one could lose control, it is as if you glide through the air.

Of course, one of mountain bikes’ most important characteristics is the sturdiness of the frame, which is the case here, with the Timberjack striking a good balance between lightweight and toughness and sturdiness needed for difficult mountain trails.


Even though it might a bit heavier for some riders who prefer super lightweight bikes, as there might be some situations where those 35 pounds could prove too heavy, especially on the mountain that require quick reaction and adaptation.

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Having said that, do not let this dissuade you from getting this model, it is definitely a minuscule thing that may not come up even as a problem during your rides.

All in all, this bike feels really great on all types of rides, especially off-road, off-the-beaten-track ones, and as comfortable as one felt on the previous Timberjack models, this model has been improved to an almost unimaginable extent that it feels and rides like a dream, no matter the intent or physical readiness of the rider.

Salsa Timberjack SLX 27.5 Mountain Bike

Everything that the previous models lacked, this model makes up for it with a great set of components that complement each other and boost the overall versatility of the bike itself.

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The Salsa Timberjack SLX 27.5 Mountain Bike has pretty good features.

Some of the highlight features are:

A light but durable main 6061-T6 aluminum triangle is responsiblefor the durability and increased responsiveness of the whole frame.

The new generation geometry is meant for aggressive rides with a noticeable increase in length and slack, in addition to a longer wheelbase for added stability.

The steeper seat tube helps in more efficient pedaling; 27.5 by 2.8-inch tires provide good traction and control on off-road tracks and trails.

The famous Shimano SLX provides seamless shifting throughout all 12 speeds.

Alternator 2.0 dropouts, which is a system that consists of replaceable dropout plates, can be set in rider-preferred modes and positions in order to customize the handling and stability, depending on the personal preference and the road.

An accessory mount on the underside of the lower tube; Pedals are sold separately.

The weight of the medium-sized bike is around 35 pounds, and it comes in all sizes, from the extra-small sizes to extra-large frames.


As previously said, a good mountain bike can be hard to find, but the Salsa Timberjack managed to upgrade something that had been considered a top-shelf product, and further improve upon it.

The Timberjack SLX will feel familiar to the old fans of the model, and will still manage to successfully lure the beginner bikers who like both leisure and hardcore rides into getting a model for themselves.

The bottom line is that this bike is a good choice for whatever your needs might be, but in the end, the choice is ultimately yours whether this bike suits you or should you go hunting for another model.

I am getting back to biking after a 10-year-long hiatus. Is this bike right for me?

This bicycle is a great all-around bike that will suffice your needs. The only thing that may stop you is your allocated budget, as there might be some more affordable models, if that is the case with you.

What makes this bicycle stand above the other similar models?

The most known aspect of this bicycle is the upgraded geometry that improves the overall handling and comfort of the bike while riding. Other similar models are close in these aspects to the but the SLX really feels different and better in action.

I want to buy a bicycle to ride around the neighborhood and I like this one a lot. Should I pick the Timberjack?

While Salsa Timberjack SLX 27.5 is a mountain bike meant for going off-road trails, this bike can be perfectly ridden on flat and “tamer” surfaces, as well. Though it might be an expensive choice for a bicycle for casual rides, it is still a great choice, regardless of which model you opt for.

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