Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter: Tire Replacement

The Razor EcoSmart Metro is one of the speediest and most feature-rich scooters. It has got tons of value to offer for the money. And one of the things about the scooter that amaze the buyer is the overall build quality. The scooter is built like a tank. It even features high-end parts.

But that does not mean that each of the parts will last forever. If that was the case, the topic of Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter tire replacement would not be that common.

You see, the tires are usually one of the first things that you would need to replace in a moving vehicle. And the case is pretty much the same for the scooters as well. Nonetheless, you will not have to worry about the replacement process as we will cover every little detail about it. Just continue reading!

How to Replace the Tires of Razor EcoSmart Metro

Due to the design of the wheels, replacing the tires of the Razor EcoSmart Metro Scooter is not that easy. However, we did manage to find out the easiest way to replace the tires. And here are the steps that you would need to follow:

Step 1: Get the Required Tools

Before anything else, you will need to get yourself the required tools. And the list of tools that you will need for this process is:

  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Two 8 mm Wrenches
  • 10 mm Wrench
  • Two 15 mm Wrench

Keep all of the tools close to you. And when you have acquired all of the tools, go to the next step.

Step 2: Remove the Screws of the Screw Guard

Using the screwdriver, you will need to remove the screws that are securing the chain guard. There will be a total of five screws there. Take each of them off and then remove the chain guard.

Step 3: Take the Cable Anchor Off

Once you have taken out the chain guard, you will need to work with the brake cable anchor. First, loosen the brake cable anchor. You will need to work with a 10 mm wrench for this. When the cable is loose enough, you will be capable of disconnection the cable.

Step 4: Work with the Brake Housing

Next, you will have to put your focus on the brake housing anchor. For this, you will need the two 8 mm wrenches. Keep them with you and loosen the housing anchor. When the anchor is loose enough, disconnect it. However, do not disassemble the washers and the spacers. Keep them together.

Step 5: Loosen the Axle

When you are done with the brake housing, you will need to loosen the axel. And for this, you should work with the 15 mm wrenches. The 8mm ones will not be compatible with the nuts. When the axle is loose enough, you should slide the wheel forward. That will loosen the chain. Then, work with the wheel and remove the wheel.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Replacement Parts

Step 6: Install the New Tires

After getting the wheels off, you should put in the effort to replace the old tires. For this, first, take off the old tires that are on the wheel. If the tires are stuck for some reason or highly damaged, you can just cut them off. However, remember not to damage the tubing inside, or you will be looking at extra expenditure.

Nonetheless, when you get the old tires off, check if the tubes are all good or not. If you do not see any problems with them, get the new tires installed on the wheel. Check if the placement is good or not. And if you see that the placement is not right, you should see if the replacement tire is compatible or not.

Once you have got the new tires in, you will need to slide the wheel forward. While doing so, maneuver the chain onto the rear socket and ensure that it is sitting in the right place.

Step 7: Verify the Chain

Before putting the other things back in place, you will need to double-check the chain. Check if the chain is sitting properly on each sprocket or not. Also, see if the tensioner is in the correct position or not. It should be at the bottom of the chain. If it is sitting in any other place, you will need to get the chain positioned again.

Step 8: Get the Cable Guide Bracket Installed

Now that you have verified the chain position install the cable guide bracket. It will go to the housing. After putting it in place, secure the brake plate using the bolt, nut, and washers. Whatever you do, do not overtighten. That will make the screws, bolts, or the washers cross-thread, which will be an extra cost you will need to bear.

Step 9: Thread the Brake Cable

Next, you should thread the brake cable through the brake adjuster barrel. It also needs to go through the large spring. Also, it needs to go through the small hole in the side of the anchor bolt. Then, position the cable to the original location. What is the original location? Check the slight cable kink and then tighten things up.

Step 10: Finishing Touches

Last but not least, you will need to get the chain guard back into place. Then, test out the ride and check if the wheel is functioning properly or not. Check the nuts, washers, bolts, and chain if you face any issues.


As you can see, the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter tire replacement process might seem complicated, but it certainly is not. You just need to know what steps to follow and what tools to work with. And we believe that you have gained knowledge of both of those factors by going through our guide.

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