Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter Review

Electric scooters are the new big thing. They are now one of the trendy things that you can own. However, that does not mean that they are not functional. In fact, you will be signing up to get loads of benefits out of the electric scooter, including cheaper running costs, easy storage, excellent accessibility, and many more.

Now, when it comes to getting one, the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter remains on the top of the list for many. That made us wonder why this option is so popular. So, we decided to get a hands-on experience with the scooter. Trust us; the scooter has a lot to offer. And you can get to know about it all through this review!

About Razor

Before we dive deep into the review section, we want to offer you a little insight into the brand. Razor is one of the global leaders in scooters. In fact, they are so popular that you might have seen people riding on one of their offerings in the street.

Nonetheless, the brand prioritizes a lot on the quality of the scooters. That is why loads of users praise the build quality and the quality of the parts. Also, the brand is highly innovative, which the EcoSmart Metro portrays.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Review

So, after spending about a month with the scooter, we now know everything needed to know about the scooter. And in this section, we will spill it all. So, let us not waste any more of your precious time and get into the review, shall we?


The first thing that makes the scooter stand out is the design. It is slightly different than what one would expect a regular scooter to be like. And we think that we know why! Yes, it comes with a seat! And the seat might be why you might fall in love with the EcoSmart Scooter.

But that is not all that makes the design of the scooter different. It will even offer you the option to remove the basket and luggage carrier from the scooter. That means you will have the option to modify the looks if you want to. And after removing them, it achieves a reasonably sleek look.


You will be amazed to know that EcoSmart is one of the fastest electric scooters on the market. That means it will not let you down when it comes to speed. In fact, the unit’s top speed is 18 mph, which again is pretty impressive for an electric scooter. You will sign up to get a good thrill out of the scooter for that top speed.

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Mileage and Battery Life

An excellent top speed rating does not tell you much about the scooter. You would also need to look at the unit’s mileage. And the good news is that the scooter will not let you down in that regard either. The unit comes with a powerful 36 volts rechargeable battery. And the capacity will let you glide along for up to 10 miles.

In other words, it will be possible to ride the scooter for multiple days with a single charge for short journeys and leisure use. Likewise, as the scooter has a reasonably long battery life, you can even use it as a commuting scooter without worrying one bit. It will not die on you midway.

Weight and Load Capacity

If you take a close look at the scooter, you will notice that the unit has a reasonably big frame, wheels, and deck. All of these large components make the scooter gain a good amount of heft. The overall weight of the scooter is 67 lbs. Compared to the other scooters, that is pretty heavy.

Considering the fact that the scooter is relatively heavy, it will not be that easy for you to carry it around. However, the heavy nature of the scooter also translates to how good the build quality is. The frame can easily carry riders that are up to 220 pounds.

Now, if you are way below that weight limit, it means that you will be capable of carrying heavier items with you on the scooter.


The load capacity and the weight might have given you a slight hint regarding how durable the scooter will be. In fact, we will take a step ahead and state that it is one of the most durable electric scooters that your money can buy. At first glance, you will notice that the unit has a robust steel frame.

Along with that, the thick bamboo deck is also very prominent. The deck and the frame are enough to make this scooter withstand a good amount of abuse. And let us not forget to state that the exterior color coating is pretty durable as well.


This scooter will not let you down in terms of features. In fact, Razor seems to have gone all out with the features of the scooter. First of all, the padding on the seat is pretty big. That will offer you the comfort that you will require for longer commutes. You will also notice that it has a twist grip throttle for acceleration control.

That grip is pretty comfortable to hold onto. Also, as we have mentioned earlier, the carrier and the basket are both removable. It also comes with large 16 inches tires. Those further enhance the ride comfort and offers better overall handling.

The motor of the unit is exceptionally quiet. Again, that will improve the overall ride comfort. Also, the deck is from one of the world’s most renewable resources: bamboo. And the kickstand of the unit is retractable, allowing you sleekly park or store the scooter when you are not using it.

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One of the things that we did not mention in the features section is that the scooter comes with a hand-operated rear brake. It has two functionalities. The brake will not only stop the wheels but also will cut the line to the motor, which will allow you to stop the scooter quickly.

However, it does take a good amount of time to get used to the braking and riding style. But if you practice well enough in an area free from obstacles, you can indeed become more comfortable riding it and braking it.


Another great thing about the scooter is that the assembly process is pretty straightforward. It will arrive being 95 percent pre-assembled. All you need to do is attach the seat and luggage rack, handlebar, and front tire. And the package will come with all of the tools you would require for the assembly process.

Foldability and Portability

As you know by now, the scooter is reasonably hefty. For the hefty nature of the scooter, it will become pretty hard for you to carry it around. Yes, it is one of the drawbacks of the scooter. However, portability is not the only issue that you will need to deal with. The scooter does not even have a folding mechanism.

That means you might face some issues while trying to store it. But on the bright side, it is pretty compact and slim for an electric scooter. So, storing it might not be that much of an issue for you.

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Overall, the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is an excellent choice if you are looking for a scooter. It offers superb battery life and provides a stellar mileage. Also, the build quality and the overall ride comfort are top-notch. So, you can not really go wrong with the purchase.


How fast does Razor Ecosmart Metro electric scooter go?

This electric scooter is perfect for casual rides due to its max speed of 18 miles per hour, which is 40 minutes of riding on a full battery.

I don't like the look of the scooter, is there any way of customizing it?

If you are thinking “how to pimp out razer ecosmart metro electric scooter”, then you will have to be creative. There are no other official variants but there are third-party individuals you can find online who can paint, bedazzle, buff your scooter and give it a personality you deserve.

What is the motor of Razor Ecosmart Metro electric scooter?

Depending on the model, the motors are either hub-motors or chain-drives, with 350W or 500W variants, depending on your needs.

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