How Long Does it Take to Bike 5 Miles?

In the life of every bicycle enthusiast comes the moment when they want to hit the 5-mile mark on their rides, however, a certain percentage of bikers are extremely low on time and often wonder how long does it usually take to ride a bike for 5 miles?

If you ever wondered how long would a 5-mile ride take, this article will explain all the criteria and variables that are taken into account when calculating the time needed to ride for 5 miles.

What Does It Depend On?

First of all, do not fret if you worry whether hitting a 5-mile mark is difficult or not: if you have ridden a bicycle before or have a solid physical foundation, it will be a piece of cake, so it primarily depends on your physical condition. The best step you can take if you are not physically up to the task is to take it gradually and control your pace. You can always do additional cardio exercises or workouts to power up your hips, glutes, and lower body overall, while regular biking will improve your endurance. By following these tips and exercising each day, you will see major improvements and shorten the time you need to get to the fifth mile.

Another factor is the terrain you are riding on. Of course, the flatter the surface, the shorter the time, so if your time is short by your standards and you are riding on mountain trails, have in mind that it would have definitely been a good time if you had ridden on a road or a similar flat surface, as they do not have rocks or sharper turns that prevent you from building up speed.

The final factor that is important in achieving a good time is the bicycle itself. Choosing the right type for the right surface is of utmost importance, as buying a sturdy mountain bike for roads will net you worse results than buying and using a sleek and lightweight road bike. Roads are usually straight, so the aluminium or carbon frame will prove more beneficial than the mountain bike that is made for a harder and bumpier ride.

What Time is Good Time?

If you really want to know whether you are going too slow or too fast, well we will give you the average times. On straight and even roads, average bikers would ride five miles in around 30 minutes, while a more experienced biker would hit that mark at around 20 minutes. Mountain trails are different, as there is not one single mountain bike that is the same as others, so tracking time is a bit difficult, you yourself will have to be the ultimate judge.


In conclusion, you do not have to worry about your time, as it is known to be a focal point of many new bikers. While there are certain factors that can help you in achieving a faster time, you should enjoy the ride and a faster time will surely come at the right moment.


Am I a bad rider if I take a lot of time to ride 5 miles?

Definitely not, and you should not define yourself as a biker by the time it takes you to ride 5 miles.

What is the average time for a 5-mile ride?

The average time for beginners-intermediates is 25-35 minutes, while more serious bikers can get it done in 20 minutes.

What should I do to improve my time?

The most important factors are your physical condition, and getting the right bike for the right purpose. Buying the right bike for the right purpose is a good first step if you are a leisure rider, and training your lower body and cardio is an important step if you want to be more serious about it.


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