Does Cycling Make Your Bum Flat? Explained

Currently, the size of the bum is an industry-standard for beauty, many women across the globe are looking to grow their bums by any means possible, and the mere thought that cycling can make the bum flat will have trainers and spin bike manufacturers out of business in no time.

Cycling will burn the fat around the glutes because as you cycle you get both the cardio and muscle-building benefits. Cycling gets rid of the fat deposits leaving you with a well-shaped and better-looking ass but not flat.

Cycling does not make your bum flat but tones it instead. It does two things to your lower body in general, one is that it helps you lose weight, and second it increases the size of the muscles in your lower body.

The body shape changes that occur in your body are not targeted like say to the bum, but rather general because when you cycle you work various muscles of your whole body and not just the bum.

How to Enhance the Shape of Your Bum Through Cycling

Getting a better bum shape is not a walk in the park and requires a lot of effort. So as you work out you have to keep on challenging your body by constantly increasing the resistance and speed of your spin bike.

Individuals who are into enhancing the shape of their butt are encouraged to cycle for at least 300 minutes every week.

Every time you cycle the quad muscles, hamstrings and calf muscles are put to task.

The gluteus maximum which is the superficial butt muscle is pulled in where it helps extend the hip as you cycle. During this workout process, the gluteus maximus is put to work. Your butt does have two other muscles and which are the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus are also pulled in during cycling. The two muscles can be referred to as hip abductors and have been determined to play a big role in the outward rotation of the hips including the lateral motion.

So, what happens is that the gluteus maximus provides the bulk of the power, while the remaining smaller butt muscles offer stability.

How Cycling Tones Your Bum

As mentioned earlier consistent cycling works the butt muscles and the more you work out the more they become toned. Important to note is that the eventual toning effect will be different on different people.

If you manage to maintain consistency in cycling then the change in the appearance of your butt will be in the form of added muscle mass where you will end up with a tight butt. Once your butt is toned, then it will stop jiggling and become firm.

How Cycling Leads to Fat Loss

Cycling will lead to overall fat loss and which includes in your bum, as you cycle you will be working the muscles in your butt and which inadvertently burns the fat deposits that are characteristic jiggly and will only go away when you begin cycling and tone your muscles.

Causes of Flat Bum

Cycling might not make your bum flat but there are conditions that can cause your butt to be flat. One such condition is the dormant butt syndrome that occurs when your gluteal muscle, your hip flexors, are too tight and your gluteal muscles are too weak.

The flat butt syndrome occurs when you sit down for extended hours, or when you sleep in the fetal position. Individuals who do not work out also have a higher chance of contracting the flat butt syndrome.

This condition exerts excess pressure on different parts of the body and in severe cases, it could encourage the development of pain on the back, hips, and knees more so when you try to exercise. Worse still it could also lead to knee and hamstrings injuries.

Flat butt is also caused with age, as people grow older their butt may flatten and become shapeless because of the reduction of fat in the buttocks. This condition can be corrected by engaging in various types of exercises.

Once an individual begins to work out, they will not only get the shape of their derriere back but improve mobility, and create a better posture.

How to Build an Appealing Bum Through Cycling

Work Out Using the Right Technique

During cycling fitness enthusiasts must ensure that their core is always tight, the hips must also be pushed back in a bid to protect the spine from straining.

Jogging can also help enhance the shape of the butt, but as you jog you must be sure to squeeze the butt cheeks to activate the glutes.

Tweak the Spin Bike

Your spin bike should be adjusted to fit your fitness objectives, in this case, it should be adjusted to offer a proper bum workout.

Most important is that your spin bike should be properly aligned to eliminate chances of developing an injury, better yet you could have the trainer tweak your spin bike for you, to ensure that you explore the full potential of the fitness bike.

Increase the Resistance of Your Bike

Fitness enthusiasts among other individuals who want to get a nicer butt shape should not settle once they reach plateau. They must always increase the resistance of their bikes to challenge their bodies to work out faster and become stronger.

Increasing your bike’s resistance as you cycle allows one to engage their glutes more and burn more calories.

Engage the Beaten Paths

You can also sculpt your butt outdoors and the best exercise can be achieved when riding the steep descents. Your legs will be used to propel the rest of your body up the hill consequently making the legs and butt more toned.

Fitness enthusiasts must however be keen to protect their hips, heavy standing climbs can make you dump into your hips and cause injury.

Engage in Other Forms of Training Apart From Cycling

Cycling alone might not offer conclusive results when it comes to butt toning and creating a beautiful shape.

One exercise that can be added to your workout routine to help strengthen and tone the glutes is leg lifts. They build stability on one’s core and help individuals to tone their bodies achieving a more firm backside.

Lunge presses also help with the development of a firmer butt, this resistance exercise strengthens an individual’s lower body and this goes for the glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

Squats are quite common and are well known for strengthening the muscles and toning the hamstrings and glutes.

To make good use of this workout routine you must be sure to target the right muscle groups so that you can tone, tighten and lift your bum.


Cycling does not make your bum flat, instead, it tones it by eliminating the fat deposits the make your butt jiggly. Living a sedentary lifestyle is what leads to the development of a flat butt, but this too can be corrected by engaging the right exercises that target the muscles around the butt area.


How do I get fat on my bum?

To get fat on your bum, you can strength train or do cardio. And you can also eat a diet equipped with the right nutrients and calories.

What causes the flat butt syndrome?

The flat butt syndrome is caused by living a sedentary life, specifically sitting for long hours.

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